A-Okay is a platform that restores the eroded trust between doctors and patients.

By matching doctors and patients according to personal values and increasing the transparency of medical records, the platform propels the patient experience into the modern world.
The problem? Doctors don't trust patients. They worry about losing everything because of a malpractice lawsuit. They worry about being punished for breaching patient confidentiality. They worry they might be asked to do something that opposes their personal beliefs. And they worry their patients won't follow their reccomendations.

Patients don't trust doctors either. They worry that doctors take commission from pharmicutical companies and may not always diagnose with their best interest in mind. They worry doctors make money by keeping them unwell. They worry doctors will patronize their concerns.
Through partnerships with phyicians, hospitals & pharmacies, a-okay automatically syncs data from doctor portals, pharmacies, insurance portals and personal health trackers and then allows patients to quickly and easily share parts of their diverse medical history.

A filterable consolidated timeline helps patients to keep all of their medical history in one place. This leads to higher accountability as patients can now make informed educated decisions about their medical care.
When the patient opens the app, they are greeted with notifications - such as reminders to take prescriptions, reviews of doctor visits ect.

Notes from doctor visits, prescriptions, co-payments, test results, appointments ect. appear in the medical history timeline underneath. This history can quickly be filtered by type of entry, doctor ect. And user can share entries or create reminders about entries on their medical timeline.
In addition to managing their medical history, users can manage their medical team on the app. When the user searches for a new doctor, they fill out a quick questionaire about their moral stance on certain issues. This identifies the patients personal values so they can find helps them find a doctor with similar mindset and temperament.

The user they can then book appointments with and add doctors to their team directory for quick access.
In contrast the the cold, clinical feeling of most medical brands, the visual language uses mix of organic Matisse-inspired torn paper illustrations, vintage 70s serif fonts & a warm color pallete combine to evoke a sense of trust, making the brand seem approachable and like it has stood the test of time.