Exeq Internship
As the design intern at fintech startup Exeq, I collaborated with the Head of Product & Design, Samantha Clark, to craft a joyful product experience and an energetic brand.

Put simply, Exeq combines your bank app with your lifestyle app to help you discover the best ways to spend your money in real time.

As we prepared for launch in late August, I developed product strategies, conducted focus groups, polished up the UI, produced ads for Facebook and Instagram, wrote 400+ punchy descriptions to be used in the app and designed print marketing assets for NYU Welcome Week.
By utilizing data and making finances more 'human' through visuals and reviews, Exeq propels users to make more informed financial decisions so they can live the lifestyle they want.

Exeq is not a budgeting app. Unlike Mint, it does not simply organize your past purchases. Put simply, it combines your bank app with your lifestyle app (like Yelp). With enough data from both sources, Exeq will be able to help you discover the best ways to spend your money in real-time.

The initial launch allows users to browse their transactions, consider their spending habits, set a simple budget and see their friends reactions to different companies. We have big plans for features down the road.
By tapping on a purchase in your transaction feed, you are led to the merchant card (below) where you can see your spending habits, your friends reactions to that merchant and a description.

Unlike Google's merchant descriptions, I wanted Exeq's to feel like a treasure of insider knowledge. So for each merchant, I read dozens of Yelp reviews, pulled out the interesting trends and fashioned a short quirky, energetic pitch that ignites intrigue.
As we revved up for launch, we needed to spread the word to our target audience - college students.

I am a big believer that good marketing should be a gift to the audience. After all, if the user comes back to it again and again, the more marketing power it has.

Instead of creating cards that talked about us, we created cards that gave new NYU students a curated list of awesome places around campus based on their interests. Featuring these places in the feed on the front of the card helped them grasp the UI quickly.

We also created cards showcasing 10 simple finance tips, which really caught the attention of parents. The cards were given out at the NYU Welcome Week Ball and placed in the dorms.